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Private House Waterford


This new family home is located on the outskirts of Waterford. Their background is in farming and the house is built on a site next to their original bungalow which was constructed in the 1970’s. Moving from a home full of family memories is a hard journey so it was important that their new house not only improved their standard of accommodation but provided a sense of well-being, warmth and ‘homliness’ from the outset. The two parallel wings separated by a ‘light corridor’ is the basis of the design. Each wing is treated differently, the north facing one clad in slate reminiscent of the traditional farm house and the south facing one finished in a white render. The plan and detail is simple and brings light into the heart of the home, something that was missing in the old house. The building opens to the south into a private landscaped area, a future vegetable garden, with a deck to the south west and distant views of the Comeragh Mountains.

Date completed:2015
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