conservation reports:

dhb architects has worked on scores of historic sites throughout Ireland since the introduction of the Planning and Development Act 2000. These include protected structures and national and historic monuments, from the mediaeval period through to early modernism. Each one of these sites has been the subject a primary research project in each case which attempts to define the site’s significance. This information often includes building descriptions, measured surveys, conservation and conditions reports, rectified photography and historical appraisals. dhb architects also counts many local authorities among its clients. It regularly consults with local authority conservation officers at planning and preplanning stages as well as the advisory services of the Department of Arts and Heritage under both the Planning and National Monuments Acts. It regularly works with archaeologists and has expertise in devising and managing programmes involving archaeological monitoring and enabling works.

This work is personally overseen and managed by Fintan Duffy who has a M.Arch degree in Urban and Building Conservation, is a member of ICOMOS Ireland and is on the Irish Georgian Society’s Register of conservation practitioners.

Conservation Reports