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Manorhamilton Public Realm

Conservation Public Urban Design

Client: Leitrim County Council

dhb Architects on behalf of Leitrim County Council undertook detailed designs for a Public Realm Improvement Scheme at Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. The works comprised of public realm works within the town centre to enhance the existing streetscapes of Old Church Street from the junction of Commons Lane / Monks Row to the junction of Main Street / Church Lane, the area in front of the Market House (A Protected Structure) on Main Street and the junction of Main Street. The nature of the Public Realm Improvement Scheme includes, inter alia, the widening of footpaths, introduction of shared surface space at identified locations, to provide enhanced pedestrian crossings, to replace existing road surfaces, to replace existing streetlights with new lighting scheme, the provision of new planting, soft and hard landscaping measures, street furniture and to alter the existing on street car parking provision.

Date completed:2023
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