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Liffey Street Public Realm Improvement Works

Public Urban Design

Client: Dublin City Council

Identity was a core theme for this project. Additionally, we identified the following themes when researching the site and its background:

  1. Spatial character of the streets. Liffey Street Upper is a very different ‘space’ from Liffey street lower for example, and Liffey Street Lower has a number of different spatial ‘characters’ from the woollen mills plaza at its junction with Ormond Quay to the nature of its junction with Middle Abbey street.
  2. Presence of the ‘arch’ as a symbol of movement and transition, particularly the gateway effect of Merchant’s Arch and the exotic nature of the metal arches on the Ha’penny bridge.
  3. The streets’ name Liffey; the quintessence of Dublin, provides another source of reference in design terms as does the Ha’penny bridge and its history.
  4. The theme of timber has also evolved from our historical research of the area. Historically our maps show a street full of small timber ateliers & furniture shops.

Added to these are contemporary themes of greening our capital city and the aspiration to create a destination in its own right, as distinct from a mere route through this part of Dublin city.

Most importantly of all, we hope that using these themes to anchor the design process will reinforce the identity of the place and bring its visitors to a new appreciation of this important part of our city.

Date completed:Due for completion 2024
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